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We love what we do. We help people find meaningful work. Whether you are a job seeker looking for your next opportunity or an employer trying to meet operational KPI’s and strict deadlines, MOA will provide the right solution for you.

MOA was founded in 2012 and quickly became the go-to staffing company for job seekers and employers in the DFW area. Since our foundation we have been able to pair thousands of people with jobs that are right for them and expand our operations to include several states across the U.S. Our people first values and commitment to personal and professional excellence have guaranteed our spot at the top among leading international companies.

We are with you all the way. When it comes to finding the right job or finding the right job seekers, we understand the importance of finding the right match for you. Whether you are an individual looking for that next career opportunity or a business looking to hire new employees, we are here to make life easier for you by providing you with access to the best solutions for your needs.

Talent when and where you need it.

  • People First Approach

    We make you feel special. Your needs are made a priority as we pair you with a team of recruitment and management experts to address your company’s needs and future goals.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

    We adapt to your hiring needs by adjusting our approach to your company’s workflow, demand, and circumstances. We fine tune our processes to bring you the best results.

  • Fast Hiring

    With access to some of the most advanced recruiting tools in the industry, we source, screen, and employ candidates within record time for your business. Our trusted hiring practices guarantee customer satisfaction and work to reduce turnover and lack of productivity in your workplace.

  • Low HR

    Our end-to-end recruiting and workforce solutions keep costs low for you and give you more time to focus on the other aspects of your business. Our employment process outsourcing, payroll, benefits, and compliance management provide a comprehensive solution to your HR department’s workload.

  • Temporary Staffing

    Staffing for temp, temp to perm and contract labor

  • On-site Management

    We work for you on-site and act as the HR department for your employees.

  • RPO (Recruitment Process

    We take care of the entire employment process so you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

  • Direct Hire Services

    Finding the right long-term fit for you and your company.

  • HR Workforce Solutions

    Our team handles all HR aspects from the initial screening to your employee’s first day and onward so that you don’t have to.

  • Employee Incentive Programs

    We offer bonus incentive programs to reduce turnover and keep employees working for your business.

  • Customizable Safety Training Programs

    Optimizable safety training programs are fitted to your unique work environment and provide employees with the information they need to know for your operations.

  • Advanced Recruitment Tools

    We utilize the most recent software innovations in the industry to track, review, vet, and onboard people for your team.

  • Employee Benefits

    We offer PTO, medical, dental, vision, short-term disability, life insurance and preventative benefits for our employees.

  • Multi-Lingual Associates

    We provide translation services for various languages including Spanish, Arabic, and Korean.

Your new job starts right here

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